Ellis Stafford
As one of the more established drivers, Ellis is well-respected around the world for his set-up knowledge and driving ability. At present, he is using some development Trishbits parts including the alloy thumbscrews and front bulkhead on his X Factory X-6 Squared car with great success.

RC Racing CV
1992 EFRA 4WD European Champion
1996 BRCA 2WD National Champion
2000 BRCA 2WD National Champion
2005 EFRA 4WD European Champion
2006 BRCA 4WD Indoor National Champion
2007 BRCA 4WD Indoor National Champion
2008 BRCA 2WD National Champion
2009 BRCA 2WD National Champion

Rich Lowe

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Lloyd Storey

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Grant Williams

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James Helliwell

RC Racing CV
2007 Petit Race Paris 2WD - 8th
2007 Schumacher Masters Series 2WD - 4th overall
2008 Schumacher Masters Series 2WD - 3rd overall
2008 Schumacher Masters Series 4WD - 4th overall
2008 JConcepts Clash Miami 4WD - 7th
2009 Worksop 'Players '09' 2WD - 7th
2009 BRCA UK Championship 2WD - 16th overall
2009 BRCA National Blyth 4WD - 8th
2009 BRCA National Blyth 2WD - 11th
2009 BRCA National Talywain 2WD - 13th


Tom Cockerill

RC Racing CV
2008 EFRA 2WD European Championships A finalist
2008 EFRA 4WD European Championships A finalist
2009 EFRA 2WD European Championships - 6th
2009 EFRA 4WD European Championships - 12th
2009 BRCA 2WD National Blyth - 1st
2009 BRCA 4WD National Blyth - 4th
2009 BRCA 4WD National Talywain - 2nd

Simon Moss

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