Team Drivers

ellis-staffordEllis Stafford

As one of the more established drivers, Ell

is is well-respected around the world for his set-up knowledge and driving ability. At present, he is using some development Trishbits parts including the alloy thumbscrews and front bulkhead on his X Factory X-6 Squared car with great success.

RC Racing CV

  • 1992 EFRA 4WD European Champion

  • 1996 BRCA 2WD National Champion
  • 2000 BRCA 2WD National Champion
  • 2005 EFRA 4WD European Champion
  • 2006 BRCA 4WD Indoor National Champion
  • 2007 BRCA 4WD Indoor National Champion
  • 2008 BRCA 2WD National Champion
  • 2009 BRCA 2WD National Champion

rich-loweRich Lowe

Details to follow…

lloyd-storeyLloyd Storey

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grant-williamsGrant Williams

Details to follow…

james-helliwellJames Helliwell

RC Racing CV

  • 2007 Petit Race Paris 2WD – 8th
  • 2007 Schumacher Masters Series 2WD – 4th overall
  • 2008 Schumacher Masters Series 2WD – 3rd overall
  • 2008 Schumacher Masters Series 4WD – 4th overall
  • 2008 JConcepts Clash Miami 4WD – 7th
  • 2009 Worksop ‘Players ’09′ 2WD – 7th
  • 2009 BRCA UK Championship 2WD – 16th overall
  • 2009 BRCA National Blyth 4WD – 8th
  • 2009 BRCA National Blyth 2WD – 11th

  • 2009 BRCA National Talywain 2WD – 13th

tom-cockerillTom Cockerill

RC Racing CV

  • 2008 EFRA 2WD European Championships A finalist
  • 2008 EFRA 4WD European Championships A finalist
  • 2009 EFRA 2WD European Championships – 6th
  • 2009 EFRA 4WD European Championships – 12th
  • 2009 BRCA 2WD National Blyth – 1st
  • 2009 BRCA 4WD National Blyth – 4th
  • 2009 BRCA 4WD National Talywain – 2nd

simon-mossSimon Moss

Details to follow…






Paul Timberlake

My Good friend and racing buddy, you will see me pitting with him r

egularly at meetings. He has a wealth of experience from the

photo (2)

years that he has been racing as is a great person to speak to if you are seeking him. Paul helps me with ideas and has been a very long serving loyal Trishbits driver. He has been involved with the R&D of my products.