How to Order

Ordering for yourselves is a little slow having to Email me. I Currently have a website under construction which will allow you to order through the website.

To Order you will need to Email me on with what you would like and I will send you details for PayPal instructions. I will add a Charge for Postage which in the UK up to 100grams is £2.50 and Europe £3.50. Also I add a 4% for the Paypal Charges.


If you want to avoid the PayPal charges then you can pay via Bank Transfer.


When you Email me please state which method you wish to pay with and I will respond with a quote.




One Response to How to Order

  1. johan Neyens says:

    How can i order the Schumacher kf weight?
    I send an email to the mail adress i had but i do not know if this is still te same.

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