Product: Team Associated B4/B4.1 Front Bulkhead

 Part Number: T0002
Price: £30.00

Instead of adding ugly lead weights to your Team Associated B4 or X Factory X-6, fit this brass front bulkhead instead. The machined brass component adds 42-grams and is a direct replacement for the kit item and is a good tuning tool, especially when using LiPo batteries.

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Product: Schumacher Cougar SV Under Servo Weight
Part Number: T0011
Price: £14.99
This brass weight sits under the servo on the new Schumacher Cougar SV. It weighs 24-grams and slides under the servo that sits at an angle. The team drivers are enjoying using this as a tuning item for the Schumacher 2WD chassis and comes in a natural, un-polished finish.

Product: Schumacher CAT SX3 Centre Weight 38-grams
Part Number: T0013
Price: £20.00
This brass weight goes between the saddle LiPo and is screwed into place between the battery tray.
Product: Schumacher Cougar SV/SV2 Nose Weight 21-gramssch-cougar-sv-sv2-nose-weight
Part Number: T0014
Price: £23.80
This nose weight fits at the front of the Schumacher Cougar SV and SV2 and is made from CZ121 brass. This item will increase the weight bias to the front, but without the need to add a large amount of weight. The Schumacher and Trishbits team drivers have been running weight in this area and find it an improvement. It simply drops in place and the top bulkhead clamps the front down. It comes in a natural, un-polished finish.
Product: Schumacher Cougar SV The Twins twins
Part Number: T0015
Price: £25.20
This brand new item is for the Schumacher Cougar SV2. Weighing in at 40-grams, it’s made in two pieces so as not to compromise the chassis flex.
Product: Schumacher Cougar SVR Nose Weightnose-weight
Part Number: T0016
Price: £24.50
This nose weight is the latest item designed specifically for the rear motored SVR model. Made from CZ121 brass, this item will increase the weight bias to the front, but due to its location doesn’t need to be that heavy.
This nose weight is different to the SV and SV2 design due to the spine on the SVR bulkhead and weighs in at 17.5-grams. Team drivers from both Schumacher and Trishbits have found this item to offer a noticeable benefit.


Product: Schumacher Cougar SV2 4-Degree Rear Brace Weight (updated version)
Part Number: T0017
Price: £19.60
This is a new 4-degree toe-in rear brace that is used on the Cougar SV2. It weighs 21-grams and is made from CZ121 brass, supplied in its natural un-polished state.
Product: Schumacher Cougar SV Little Twinslittle-twins
Part Number: T0018
Price: £22.40
This is the alternative version of The Twins and comes in a little lighter at 26.6-grams. This piece is made from CZ121 brass CNC machined to a high quality and comes in a natural finish. The two-part design ensures the alloy SV2 chassis can still flex to keep optimum performance from the chassis.

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Product: Schumacher K1 Snake
Part Number: T0019

Price: £27.50
This is one of the latest additions giving the front of the K1 20-grams extra in weight. This gorgeous looking piece is made from CZ121 grade brass and uses just one hole to hold it in place to allow a quick fitment. This weight should give you more front end in general and increase steering. This helps most on tight corners. Your servo spacers might need to be adjusted to fit this part.
Check out the installation tab at the top of the page to see how to fit it.



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Product: Schumacher CAT K1 Anaconda
Part Number: T0020
Price: £26.25
The K1 now has two options of brass with this a rear 31.5-gram weight. This Anaconda has been CNC machined from CZ121 brass and fits straight into your K1 chassis. It’s a simple case of swap and play. This weight should add stability and rear end grip to the K1 to help you round a twitchy track.


Product: Schumacher Cougar KF Lipo Weight
Part Number: T0022
Price: £20.00


As used by Tom Cockerill and Simon Moss at the 2013 Worlds on the sugar watered clay track this weight has helped keep the rear end planted. The Weight pops inbetween the Lipos replacing the std plastic spacer. The 42 gram weight adds some more rear Bias and aids stability.KF Lipo Spacer






Product: KF Low Grip Side Weights
Part Number: T0024
Price: £25.00

These Weights are used to increase the weight of the car down the centre line of the weight distribution. In Testing the Low grip car seems to work very well in the dry and I have found a little extra weight in the right place goes a long way.








Product: Shin Splitter!

KF, SV2 & KR Under Bulkhead nose Weight
Part Number: T0025
Price: £20.00

The Shin Splitter for the 2wd range of Schumacher cars is used to alter the balance of the car. It offers a stylish add on with added protection to the front end of the car. The part weighs 20grams and takes only a few moments to fit. You need to mod your bumper to fit it which can be done with a dremel or saw and cleaned up with a file.