Product: Team Associated B4 Rear Bulkhead
Part Number: T0001
Price: £18.00

This brass rear block adds 37-grams to the rear of the Team Associated B4 and is a similar amount to the team drivers who put lead weight between the gearbox and bulkhead. Geometry-wise, it features the same toe-in and anti-squat as the standard item and provides for more rear-end traction and contributes for the much-needed weight lost from LiPo cells.

Product: Brass Weight
Part Number: T0003
Price: £TBC

This brass weight can be used on any make or model of chassis and placed where additional weight is required by simply using some double-sided tape. More info to follow.

Product: Losi Threaded Shock Standoffs
Part Number: T0004
Price: £7.00

Machined from alloy, these standoffs are much cooler than the standard parts and are finished in a natural look. The inside of each standoff is threaded so there is no need for a locking nut so shock position changes are much quicker. They are designed for use with losi shocks and are sold in packs of four.

Product: Losi Threaded Shock Collars
Part Number: T0005
Price: £15.00

These are the second version of the popular alloy threaded shock collars to replace the stock ones on Losi shocks. Manufactured using a four-axis CNC machine, they are now supplied in a choice of colours including orange and blue. This new anodised finish is much brighter than before and a revised internal O-ring ensures that they only rotate when you want them to. Each set includes four collars and O-rings.

Product: Thumbscrews
Part Number: T0006
Price: £5.00

Trishbits thumbscrews can be used on many RC cars using 4-40 threads and are noted for their larger size that make them much easier to use. They are available in pairs and come with long grubscrews in a range of colours including silver, black and blue. They feature the Trishbits name to aid grip and are used by all of our team drivers.

Product: Associated B4/B4.1 Brass Front Brace
Part Number: T0007
Price: £10.50

This brass front brace weighs in at a touch over 13-grams to place more weight over the front of the chassis. Most of the Associated team drivers are using lead weight to balance the front of their cars so instead of ugly stick-on weights, this neat direct replacement does the job so much nicer.

Product: Losi Threaded Shock Standoffs v2
Part Number: T0008A (four short)
Part Number: T0008B (four long)
Part Number: T0008C (two short & two long)
Price: £7.00

These are the second version of the popular Trishbits Losi Threaded Shock Standoffs and are designed to offer greater movement of the shock absorber's top pivot without binding - an issue that can occur with different shock mounting positions and wheelbase changes. The alloy standoffs are available in both short and long lengths and are anodised grey.

Product: Durango DEX410 Side Weight Set
Part Number: T0009
Price: £22.00

Durango DEX410 owners can now add some weight to the rear of their chassis by fitting these neat brass weights. All the screws are included with a total weight of 51-grams.

Product: Schumacher Cougar SV Rear Weight
Part Number: T0010
Price: £15.00 natural / £20.00 polished

This item from Trishbits is designed for the new Schumacher Cougar SV and is already been used by some of the team drivers. It weighs approx 42-grams (variance due to brass grade and finish) and adds to the rear weight bias by sliding in between the battery and motor. It is screwed down using the original post holes.

Product: Schumacher Cougar SV 4-Degree Rear Brace Weight
Part Number: T0012
Price: £14.00

This is a 4-degree rear brace that is used on the Cougar SV. It weighs 21-grams and is made from CZ121 brass.