Fitting these parts can sometimes be confusing, so here’s a little bit of help from Trish himself to guide you through it.

photo (10)

“Let’s start with the new under servo weight (T0011) for the Schumacher Cougar SV2. I have changed this so you can fit the weight further forward, so it can locates on the step of the lower front bulkhead and the servo holds it in place.

photo (11)



If you find that it moves around too much after fitting, you can do a couple of things. How you do it is up to you, but I would suggest you can always use some Shoe Goo to tack it in or you could also use a tiny piece of Blu Tack to wedge it in.


Here is the new Snake front weight for the Schumacher K1 that is held in position by just a single screw.

photo (12)

To fit it is simple. Just use your 2mm allen driver unscrew the aerial post. Remove the plastic mount and place the Snake around the steering rack mount. Your aerial mount hole should now line up with the eye of the Snake, so you can simply pass the screw through, tighten it up and go race the competition – it is that simple.

If your car is already assembled then loosening your servo mounts and steering rack mount will enable you to squeeze it in.
The weight adds 20-grams to the front, which brings the bias forward by nearly 2%.

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